Step 04:Let’s go to church

Pastor Tom invites us to his church to join in as the community sings, claps, and worships the Lord.

Living from enough grows by discovering God blesses us each with a calling.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” Luke 2:52

READ LUKE 2:41–52


Let’s wonder together…

  • I wonder why Mary and Joseph did not notice that Jesus was gone for a while.
  • I wonder how Jesus had enough to eat and drink and a place to sleep while he was on his own.
  • I wonder what the people at the temple thought of 12-year-old Jesus.
  • I wonder if 12-year-old Jesus already knew that the Father had something important planned for him.

Say: The temple in Jesus’ day was a place where God’s people gathered to give God praise and worship. It was also a place where the community spent time together through the week. Where do people spend a lot of time together where you live?

Today, a lot of communities around the world have church experiences that combine worship and just hanging out together. Let’s watch today’s video to see what Pastor Tom’s church is like.


  • What stood out to you in the video?
  • Pastor Tom’s children each helped the church in a different way and, although many are poor, the members each gave as they could. What are some unique ways that God has enabled you to help or serve others?
  • In the passage we read, Jesus seemed to have a sense that the Father wanted him to be in the temple, with God’s people. Do you ever have a sense that God wants us to do something? Can you tell a story of when that happened?

Say: We sometimes say that sense that God wants us to do something is a calling. It’s a way to say that we think God has asked us to do something to show his love to others. We all have a general calling. For example, every Christian is called to love, forgive and be compassionate. But we might also feel that we have a specific calling, something that we think God is asking just us or just our family or just our church to do. Not every Christian is supposed to do that thing at that time; it’s a one-of-a-kind task for just a few people.

  • Can we think of something that might be a general calling from God?
  • Have any of us ever felt that God has given us a specific calling as well?
  • How does it feel to think that God might have a specific calling for us?

Say: So how do we know what we are called to? We can draw closer to people in our church or small group while we listen for and live out our calling. We can also look to the Bible to help us understand our calling. Let’s reflect on our memory verse from Step 1 again.


Say: Jesus gives two commandments here that apply to everyone who follows him: love God and love others. This is a calling we have no matter where we are—at home, school, church, work or even the drive-through and the grocery store.

  • When it comes to caring for people in poverty, how can we love God and love others?

Say: Just like it says in our memory verse about Jesus, we also want to help others grow in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man.

  • What are some ways we can help people grow physically and spiritually?


Say: Ask God to show our family how He might be calling us to care for people in poverty. Once we ask, we’ll spend a minute or two silently listening before closing our prayer. God may or may not lead us during those couple of minutes. Either way is OK. We just want to practice listening for God’s call.