Step 03:Let’s walk for water

Tom and Nancy’s youngest girl, Rabecca, takes us to gather water for her family.

Jesus gives us enough living water to love God, others and ourselves.

“But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:14

START by inviting each person in your family to count how many steps it takes to do each of the following:

  • Get a drink of water during a meal
  • Find a toilet from where we’re sitting right now
  • Get out of bed to get a drink of water

Say: For many families around the world, getting the water they need is not as easy as turning on a faucet.


  • What stood out to you from the video?
  • Would you like to have to wash your own clothes like Rabecca did? Why or why not?

Say: In our house, we have enough water. Our water is close, clean and always available. But we want to better understand what it might feel like for people who do not have enough water. So today, we’re going to choose to change the way we normally get and use water.


Step 1: Figure out together which water source is furthest away from where you normally spend time. You can even use an outdoor faucet.

Step 2: Put masking tape over every other water-dispensing device in your house. If you want extra reminders, tape signs over them. While you’re at it, count how many places you can get water in your house.

Step 3: Choose how long you will experiment with having limited water access. A few hours? All day? Overnight? Whatever you decide, you can only get water by walking to one faucet.


When your water experiment is over, discuss it together:

  • What was it like to have your access to water limited?
  • Describe how you felt during our water experiment.
  • If you had to collect water all the time, what might you have toskip that you’re used to doing? How would that feel?

READ JOHN 4:11–15

Say: Just as we need physical water to quench our physical thirst, we need what Jesus calls “living water” (John 4:10) to satisfy us spiritually and bring us into God’s family. And Jesus says that all we have to do to get this water is ask!

  • Have you ever asked Jesus for his “living water”? Tell about it.
  • Jesus says that his living water will become like a spring wellingup. Have you ever seen a spring? What was it like?Say: Springs don’t run out, they just keep bubbling up. Just like a spring, Jesus’ living water doesn’t run out. It keeps bubbling up inside us so that we can share it with others too.
  • How does having Jesus’ living water make you want to share with others?


Ask God to provide clean water to those who need it. Ask God to help you start to hear his calling for your family about loving and helping people in poverty.