Taking a step forward

We know you’ll have great ideas of your own, but we’ve put together some simple ideas for how you can commit to helping others as a family to get you started.


  • Make greeting cards to take to children in hospitals. If you meet one special child at the hospital, commit to pray consistently for him or her.
  • Put a penny, dime or quarter into a jar every time you go to the refrigerator then donate the money to give food to the poor.
  • If you already sponsor a child, draw him or her pictures and write a letter.
  • Pray for your sponsored child when you do a specific task each day, such as each time you brush your teeth.
  • Start a chore chart. For each chore completed, earn money to give to an organization that helps children or orphans.


  • Have a lemonade stand. Beside your lemonade, have two pitchers—one with muddy water and one with clean water. Tell people you’re raising money to give kids clean water.
  • Collect books and toys and donate them to organizations that need them.
  • Have a toy garage sale and raise money for kids who don’t have toys.
  • Gather the family together to volunteer one evening at a local shelter or ministry that supports those in poverty.
  • Visit a home for the elderly and spend some time reading with the people who live there.
  • Volunteer with a local organization that helps children living in foster care or difficult situations. You might be able to donate goods, cook meals or simply spend time with at-risk children. Or ask if there’s a way you can partner with their ministry in praying for their needs.
  • Begin a prayer group for a particular topic you feel passionate about.


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