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Welcome to Step Into My Shoes, a seven-step journey for your family to discover what it means to “live from enough.”

Living from enough begins with a heart of gratitude. We’ll discover how God has blessed us all abundantly with purpose, belonging, meaning, and strength in our weakness, “so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8). It then naturally moves into acting from God’s sufficiency so others also have enough. It’s from this heart—one filled with thanksgiving for all God has done and provided—that we get to live out our calling as Christians, sharing the good news of Jesus and caring for the needs of others.

An overview of the journey

On each step of our journey, we’ll learn from Ugandan Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy and some of their 12 children. As we slip into their shoes, we’ll also walk with Jesus, seeing how Scripture calls us to follow Him in loving God and our neighbour. Each step includes:

  • a video introducing Today’s Big Idea;
  • a devotion to see the world through God’s eyes;
  • an activity to help you connect with our host family; and
  • a memory verse to dig deeper into God’s Word.

We’ll conclude the seven steps by asking God to direct us to one next step to help others have enough.

Share your experiences on the journey

We want to hear how you’re doing at each step! Hashtag your comments or photos on social media with #stepintomyshoes.

Tips to be a great facilitator

Let your kids talk. Resist the temptation to answer questions for them. Give them time to think and don’t be afraid of a little silence. Some questions may go better than others. That’s fine; just move on.

Share your story. On the flip side of the first point, don’t skip the questions yourself. Give your own answers. Sharing about your own faith, what you’re learning and the questions you have helps build faith in your kids.

Have fun! Although this experience is about a serious topic, let learning about it be an enjoyable time for your family. If this means tweaking the Journey Guide, do that.

Get ready to see the world in a whole new way—no passport required!