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01 What is Step Into My Shoes?

Step into My Shoes is a flexible, immersive experience and devotional for families and small groups. Each step helps families walk in the shoes of Ugandan family Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy and their children and then invites us to follow Jesus' footsteps—caring for children and for those in need. The experience invites us to choose one, practical way we as families can invest in children locally or globally, and to continue the journey by receiving a blog with prayer ideas and fun family ideas to live compassionately, together.


02 What Will It Do For My Family?

As Christian parents, one of our struggles is to help our kids understand just how much we have and how we can help others. Step into My Shoes was created by families, for families, and offers joyful, hands-on learning activities to feel how others feel, and live as Jesus lived.


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